Tings and Time

A few things I’ve been doing over the past two weeks after getting back from lovely, rainy Dessie, Ethiopia.

Toronto’s Caribana was a week ago, and to commemorate the occasion I interviewed two of my former city’s finest promoters of West Indian music and culture, Nurse Karen and Tasha Rozez. You can check the pieces out on LargeUp.com. Nurse Karen gives the soca rundown and Tasha provides insight into the J’can side of things. Both, however, took the time to big up local Toronto artists, so click away and take note of the talent we have up north!

The reggae fest came to Montreal, and I wrote a piece about Bunny Wailer, but the man didn’t make it. In the Hour, Richard Burnett outlined previous Wailer-related disappointments, but the press release, issued at 2:12 AM the day of the show, demonstrated a little more than disappointment with their expected headliner by stating “Bunny Hops out of Montreal International Festival and rabbits back into his hole!” Seems that Bunny and band didn’t pick up their Canadian visas while in the UK.

Next week is the Inaugural Rastafari Studies Conference at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus in Kingston, JA. I’ll be there presenting a paper, moderating a panel and hopefully enjoying a few mega patties while I’m at it.


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