Guess who?

Take a look at the cover below. What artist, a Jamaican artist, released the single to accompany this somewhat interesting and intriguing photo? I believe that  raggapop, or whatever awkward label you might call the music  that has dancehall voicing over pop/r&b sounds (I hestitate to say riddims), is on the rise, but I hadn’t thought that raggarock, or what ever awkward label you might call music like “Forget Everything” was gaining ground. In fact, it’s hard to find any ragga (apart from the artiste himself) in the track at all. Listen to the tune and then, before checking the info, try and see if you can guess which artiste, who has unleashed a few of the most memorable tunes of the past five years or so (we’re talking some serious big tunes here-one drop and dancehall) is dabbling in a touch of country altrock and sounding darned good, in this writer’s opinion.


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