Straight out of Toranno, it’s more than sex appeal, it’s Jamaican funk.

A little break from Itiopia to make a little space for Toronto’s own Kardinal Offishall. He’s got a new video out this week.

Thanks to @ddacks1 for the RT update. Sure, it’s a catchy throwback hip hop track that reminds this listener of Q-Tip’s 2008 track “Getting Up”. It’s catchy and pleasant, but it’s disappointing for those of us who fell in love with Mr. Kardinal as a result of this particular tune (love the video courtesy of the always terrific Little X):
Lots of folks, academic and otherwise, make the connections between Jamaica-New York/Reggae-hip hop, but along me to present the fact that artists like Dream Warriors, Mishi Mee, L.A. Luv, Wio K, Lindo P and Kardinal made and still make the argument quite evident in their tunes. Jamaica and Jamaican music is alive and kicking throughout Toronto hip hop: namechecked and riddim driven.

p.s. Can’t resist-only wish there was a higher quality version of this bit of archive footage. One of my all time favourite TV shows-The New Music-takes a trip to Jamaica with Michie Mee to record with Pinchers. It also features Michie Mee and L.A. Luv performing at Sting ’89.


One thought on “Straight out of Toranno, it’s more than sex appeal, it’s Jamaican funk.

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