Guinness! Guinness! Guinness! Sounds of Greatness Final

I’ve been keeping up with this live and direct as well as via vimeo and direct (thanks to On Stage). While the Sounds of Greatness competition is itself a brilliant marketing strategy (my favourite thing being MCs who, immediately after telling the crowd to drink responsibly, advertise super-cheap deals on buckets of six bottles and lead the crowd in a chant of “Guinness! Guinness! Guinness!”), it’s also a great thing for the clash, which has popped down in recent years. One of the problems, from my perspective, is the reliance on dubs and the connected expense of said dubs. Sometimes it’s interesting to see what a sound can do with straight tunes. It really does provide a significant marker of not only musical knowledge, but understanding of the massive at a particular moment. The Sounds of Greatness division of rounds made this possible with a juggling round followed by a tune fi tune round and then a dub fi dub.

The rules of the Sounds of Greatness competitions seemed to change a little throughout the three month contest, and the judging was somewhat confusing. Fact was, in the final analysis, it was always 70% crowd and 30% judges, meaning it was all about the forwards. And the crowds were terrific. The final, held at Mas Camp in Kingston was packed, but the events leading up to the showdown between Bass Odyssey and Sound Trooper often drew huge crowds in country-Port Antonio being a particularly memorable occasion. Folly Oval is just a great venue.

The fact that each clash was broadcast (albeit in abridged form) nationwide in JA on CVM tv, was a great way to get the word out about Guinness, but also to hype up the clash. Thing is, the televising could have let some of the energy of the competition speak for itself. There’s simply too much zoom, and too much movement. As well, I would have appreciated a little more interaction with members of the crowd-after all, they’re the most significant element of the clash.

p.s. I also have to say that I’m a fan of the Guinness Girls. They beat America’s Bud Light Girls any day of the week.

Thanks to seen and Burden Clothing for bigging up the clash too!

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