Donate to help the people of Haiti

Just listened to Wasp – “Cry Fi Haiti” thanks to Johnny Wonder. The events in Haiti are quite overwhelming, and it’s tough to think of any adequate response. I think the fellows over at Masala say it best:
Il n’y a pas mieux que la joie un peu triste de la musique haitïenne pour évoquer le chemin à prendre vers la reconstruction après le drame terrible qui a eu lieu hier à Port-Au-Prince, Haïti. Pour ceux qui n’iront pas aider directement sur place, il y a peu de choses à faire, à part donner un peu d’argent à des organismes reconnus, susceptibles d’en tirer le meilleur. C’est pourquoi, à MASALA, on vous dirige vers le site de la Croix Rouge Canadienne et on envoie, à notre manière, nos pensées et notre fraternité aux gens de la perle des Antilles.

There’s no better way than the joyful (yet a bit sad) music of Haiti to suggest the path that leads to reconstruction after the terrible events that happened yesterday in Port-Au-Prince. For those who won’t go there to help, there’s only a few options left, one of them being to give money to recognized NGOs that will use it in the best manner. This is why, at MASALA, we suggest that you donate to your local Red Cross organization and we also send our thoughts and fraternity to the people of ‘La Perle des Antilles’ by sharing some of their music with you.

Click above to take a listen to Masala’s selections and while you’re at it, make a donation to the Red Cross. They’ve got the links over at Masala as well.


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