The Immortal Stone Love

To kick off this blog, a blog specifically dedicated to all things soundsystem related, why not reprint a piece on Stone Love, written for the Montreal Mirror this past May. Stay tuned to this space for soundclash reviews, news and other fun.

The flat-out best way to listen to Jamaican music is outside, late at night, and earth-shakingly loud—and the perfect formula for this experience is Stone Love. A soundsystem, a label, and a studio, they’re set for worldwide domination. They aren’t called the “Immortal Stone Love” for nothing. The Mirror spoke to one of Stone Love’s 30-plus staff and star selector, Gee-Fus, from the home base in Kingston, Jamaica.

M: In your own words, what is Stone Love?

Gee-Fus: Stone Love started out in 1972. We’re a soundsystem, meaning that we have speaker boxes, turntable, and now CD. We’ve got what you people call djs, but we call selectors, which is consist of Rory, Gee-Fus, Billy Slaughter, Bill Cosby, Diamond, Richie Feelings, and Iceberg. Stone Love was founded by WeePow. We play a variety of music. Stone Love never bus’ as a reggae sound. When Stone Love get recognition, we play reggae, disco, and R&B, back in the day. By ’86, Stone Love become number one sound which played mostly reggae. We play at various venues on a weekly basis. Every night Stone Love play.

M: Does Stone Love have more than one soundsystem?

G: It’s really one soundsystem, you know, but it’s a very big sound so it can be split into three. Since the past four years, WeePow has built a sound called Purple Love. It’s a small version of Stone Love. He’s coming with the idea saying it’s a sound to play at parties, office parties, certain events. We’re breaking boundaries. We’re not just in the dancehall.

M: You’re also overseas.

G: WeePow come with the idea of having us selectors circulate the globe. So one or two persons would be in the US, one person might be in Canada, one in Brazil, one in Israel, one in Italy, and a couple over here in Jamaica. Every week at an overseas show, you get sent different selectors so that the people get used to everybody in the system Stone Love.

M: Everyone knows that Stone Love isn’t a clashing sound.

G: At the level that Stone Love is at now, Stone Love is immortal. And we’ve moving from immortal to be a legendary sound. We don’t need to clash.


3 thoughts on “The Immortal Stone Love

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  2. I’ve been listening Stone Love and Saxon Studios since 1984, they are the reason i love dancehall and sound systems. After hearing them you just want to run out and buy turntables and build bass bottoms. My sound is LP International and we give all respect to the Immortal!!!!

  3. i been listing to stone love from the 80s untell now for me stone love is one of the best sound from kingston ja i meet some of the crew aliready so big up all the stone love crew blessing

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